Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Being real...about the ladies!

Hey guys!  So I'm going to be real here...about the ladies!  Yes I'm talking about boobs(or lack there of in my case).  I unfortunately...or fortunately have never had boobs.  I have always wanted them!  Its probably a good thing that I didn't have them in my younger years...I would have maybe showed them off a little too much!  It's one of those things that I always felt like I wasn't womanly because I didn't have them.  Luckily my husband says he's a butt man...and I have one of those so we are good:) 

When I was pregnant with all of my boys my boobs didn't grow much even then....really??  That's when you are supposed to go through that beginning stage in the first trimester...where you aren't showing...but your boobs are huge....known as the porn star stage....never happened for me!  I was pissed about that!  I did get the boobs I have always wanted when I breastfed....well in the beginning anyway....the first 4 months or so....and they are hard as a rock and full of milk, and you are in pain.....sometimes bleeding...not ideal!!  By the time I was finished breast feeding each time...they were smaller than when I started!  I didn't think that was possible!  So instead of perky little boobs...they are now...yes...saggy little boobs!  It's a sad story...I would of course do it all over again in a heartbeat!! 

I have always said after I was done having kids(which we are now), I would get the boobs I have always wanted.  About 6 months ago I did go for a consultation....I was sure that I wanted to do it....I even told my friends and family that I was going to do it!  I did get mixed opinions of course...and took all of them into consideration.  I even went to my doctor, got a physical...asked her opinion(she said it would be fine for me to do)...and got blood work to make sure that I didn't have any clotting disorders...I don't!  My husband was super supportive either way...I kept telling myself that I deserved it for nursing all of my kiddos and it was really just damage control...which I still believe it would be.  I'm not trying to go and get DD's...or look crazy big...just normal...nice boobs!

In the course of hearing many opinions...good and bad...I had several people ask me if God would want me to change the body that He gave me.  I had to think about that one.  I honestly think of it as more of a corrective procedure...and I knew in my heart I was not doing it for the wrong reasons!  Like I said I wasn't looking to get some circus boobs and go pick up my kids from school with them hanging out for all to see.  I just wanted to feel normal...and not like a boy!  I have prayed about it a lot!  I do not think it is wrong...if yourheart is right! the midst of praying about this....God did change my heart!  I have come to a whole new acceptance of myself.  Being so involved in fitness and health...I feel like I just want to be all natural....flaws and all!  I have stretch marks...and I don't have boobs...those are two things that I have accepted!  I honestly didn't want to take a break from my fitness have I will keep what I have and continue to be working on my goals!  I may change my mind later on...but for now...I will remain a flawed little mama....and I'm ok with that for now!

I know that many women struggle with what the right thing to do is..I would just suggest praying about it and knowing your heart!  I don't think it's wrong to fix something that you don't like about long as your heart is in the right place...only you and God can know what the right thing for you is....and I don't believe that it is the same for everyone! 

Big boobs...small boobs...skinny...curvy...all woman are seriously beautiful....and we are all wonderfully flawed!  Embrace what you can....and the things that you want to it!  I will leave you with a quote that I love!


  1. Great post Jodi, as a woman and mother it is hard to accept our flaws. We, as women are constantly comparing ourselves to friends, family, celebrities, thinking of ways to improve our appearance and be the ideal woman. It takes a lot of courage and confidence to be happy with our own bodies, it's difficult at times. I too, am guilty of this. I'm not the size 4 I used to be, and that's ok. Would I like to tone up and have the flat abs I used to, of course (I know that is totally do-able). Would I like to have those "porn star" boobs like during pregnancy (which I TOTALLY had!), well, maybe...I am all for making oneself feel and look better. Either being working out or even cosmetic surgery. However, physical changes only help if you are willing to work on your inner self too, over wise it's just a coverup for how you really feel about yourself. Whatever choice you make, boobs or no boobs, you are a beautiful woman just as you are. You are a great inspiration for other ladies out there!

  2. I LOVE That quote and that you shared your heart!

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