Sunday, February 22, 2015

My favorite online boutique, and a yummy recipe(took 30 minutes total, kid and hubby approved)!!

Hey there!  Hope you all had a great weekend, we had Konners birthday party with some friends from his school.  He had a blast and it was so fun.  Needless to say I indulged on pizza and ice cream cake...ugh, I feel like I need a major detox!!  I will be drinking some detox water tomorrow(water, mint leaves, lemon, and refreshing) and getting back to my normal clean eating!!  We also start week 4 of our insanity max 30 tomorrow, I am ready to roll!!  My push-ups are so much better than when we started, so that's really exciting to see progress!!  I plan on doing 2 weeks of the 21 day fix extreme after we are done with this program...we go to Cancun April 15th, so I want to be in my best shape for my man:)

Speaking of Cancun, I have been eyeing some beachy clothes from my favorite little online boutique. Riffraff.  Check out their website, they offer new stuff every day, and they also have a great basic collection with piko tops and dresses that I love. :)  Here are some items that I want for our vacay:

This would be a really cute cover up or just a casual dress.

This can be a day look with flats, or a night look with some wedges, love it...ok I bought this one:)

Great cover up, with a maxi dress or shorts, and a sexy night shirt with a skirt or tight black pants!

This is so cute with jeans, or shorts, or a maxi...perfect for a chilly night on the beach.

They have so many cute things, and the price range is great I think.  I have several pieces from them and its great quality.  I love riffraff, you can follow them on instagram...they post all of their new arrivals everyday....which can be dangerous, if you love something you can be sure it will be sold out that buy it if you love it!!

Ok for a few recipes:)  Last Thursday night I had no clue what to cook for dinner, I have been in a go to is always healthy tacos:)  My family is kind of over I had some browned meat and couldn't make my latest I chopped some peppers, and broccoli...I sautéed them with garlic.  I then added a few jars of organic spaghetti sauce....added some spices...and served over whole wheat pasta for the kids and over steamed broccoli for me:)  It was so good, and I got in some great veggies for my family:)

Like I said I have been in a meal planning I posted on FB and asked for help:)  My friend April posted this recipe:

I got a roasted chicken and chopped that up and added to the recipe...this was so delicious!  Everyone loved it!  It was so fast too, and is super healthy!  Hope you enjoy!!

I'll post later this week our meal plan for the week....all recipes from my friend Amy's awesome blog: .....she does super cute posts on fashion, and her recipes are so awesome!!  All paleo menu!!  Thanks for stopping by!!  Have a great week, If you have a goal, a Monday is a great day to start!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My fitness journey with beachbody....and those healthy tacos!!

Hello everyone!  Hope you all are having a great week.  I wanted to tell you today about my fitness journey, so here we go!

I was always in sports and active in school.  I never knew anything about the nutrition side of things and ate whatever I wanted.  Before I had our first son Kobe, I definitely had the college weight.....oh wait I wasn't in it was more of....I drank, and ate a lot weight:)  Needless to say I was not in the best shape.  So along came thing to ever happen to me!  Straightened my butt right up, and I needed it!  I gained 40 pounds with him!  I was shocked I could gain that much.  Jake and I got engaged when Kobe was about 5 months old, we planned a wedding, and I had 6 months to get wedding ready!  This is where I wish Beachbody would have come into my life....but I did workout...never had the nutrition side...never shakeology(which is my superfood, healthiest meal of the day, I love it and believe in it.  You can go to and check it out ),  and never had my accountability groups!  So while I was in decent shape for my wedding, it wasn't where I wanted to be, and I truly didn't feel comfortable in my own skin, my stomach always hurt because I ate like crap.  Fast forward to Konner(my little cutie boy)...I only gained 30 pounds(but I had never lost that last 10), when he was about a year old and I felt like I could put him in the daycare at the gym, I joined, and I got a trainer....he was the best!  I started working out with my husband, and then my girlfriends joined me...I got in really great shape and started to research paleo.  I started cooking that way, and I loved the way that I felt.  When I got pregnant with Kollin(why did I do their names so alike agh!!:)), I had to stop working out at about 12 weeks for medical reasons...that was really hard, I gained 60 pounds and honestly it was a miserable pregnancy...I was so big and so uncomfortable.  I remember when I went in to have him, the nurse read my weight...197....I then told her if she told my husband I would kill her!  The anesthesiologist came in and then announced to the room my weight...the nurse whispered her apologies.....I was so embarrassed!  I felt so much better when that sweet little man was out, and I knew when I was able to get back in shape, I was going full force.  We have our last baby and now its time to get as fit as possible, this was my mission!

I started a 10 day challenge when Kollin was about 8 weeks old.  I drank this crazy drink called shakeology, followed a meal plan, and did at home workouts.  I worked on drinking more water, sleeping(as much as I could with a newborn), and just slowly started back.  I lost 8 pounds in 10 days, but more importantly, I felt so so good, and I knew that I wanted to be a coach.  I wanted to have that constant accountability in my life forever, and I loved the products and wanted a discount, and I wanted to share what was working for me with all the other moms that I knew were struggling to lose the baby weight.  I signed up with T-25...We had a group for 10 weeks, I also began training with my beautiful friend Tierney Jeffers and I lost all of my baby weight. I loved having that time for me.  It made me a better wife and mom, was a great stress reliever, and I had so much energy to play with my babies:) 

I ordered the 21 day fix next...I loved it!  Its the first program that I followed it to a t, I didn't miss a day.  Nutrition wise I did about 90%....I didn't drop any weight, but tons of inches. 
This is after T-25, and one round of 21 day fix!
This is after following the plan to a t!
I recently talked my husband into doing Insanity Max 30 with me, he prefers the gym usually.  He agreed and so we got a really great group of other couples to commit to it with us.  This group is honestly one of the most dedicated I have ever been in.  They are doing so awesome.  I can already tell a huge difference in my strength and muscle tone.  By far the hardest workout I have done to date!
My next challenge to myself is to do the 21 day fix extreme.  The trainer, Autumn Calabrese, uses her bikini competition meal plan and the workouts are much more intense.  I think I will be ready.  At this point its all about challenging myself with fitness.  I love the feeling of doing something I never thought I could or would do.  I cant wait to show you my Max 30 results, I will be posting about our progress!!  Please let me know if you want to be apart of one of my challenge groups.  We can talk about your goals and connect you with the best program for you, and the secret sauce....challenge groups!  Accountability is key!!!  You can always message me with any questions,
March Promotion:
I decided today that I would offer a little incentive to those that get a friend or friends to join our March 21 day fix challenge group.  For each friend that you get to join us, you will get a discount, if you get 4 friends your program will be paid for.  I wanted to think of a way to reach more women, and help as many ladies as we can, especially moms.  Plus if you surround yourself with others doing this with you success will happen!!  This honestly has changed my life, and so many of my friends lives...I would love to share that with you!  This is not a Beachbody promotion, this is just an offer that I am doing until Monday February 23rd.
Ok, ok...if you are just here for the tacos, here they are lol:)

-Chicken Tacos/Pulled Pork Tacos(Jodi Redfearn’s recipe)

Put 4-6 B/S Chicken Breasts in the crockpot/or a pork tenderloin, Spread some minced garlic on top of meat, Cut some red and green bell peppers and onions if you like and put on top, pour a jar of Salsa Verde, or your favorite Salsa over the chicken or Pork.  Cook on low for 4 hours or on high for 6-8 hours.  Shred the chicken/Pork and add back to the pot for 30 minutes on low.  Make tacos with corn tortillas, or lettuce cups.  Top with toppings that you like, avocado, guacamole, cheese, salsa, greek yogurt (subs as sc), onion, or anything that you want!  Enjoy!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

My story

I have been saying for a very long time that I would start a blog...I kept waiting to do it because I wanted it to be perfect...Well honestly I don't have the time to be perfect and I wanted to just go for it:)  SO I apologize in advance for not being a perfect writer, and by far not perfect with my grammar:)  I also really like to use smiley faces, so that is something I hope you are ok with:)  I decided to start this blog so that I can document about all of the things that I love in one place, and get your thoughts on life as well.  If you don't know me, I'm Jodi Redfearn, I am a daughter of the King.  I believe that Jesus died for my sins, and without Him in my life I wouldn't be where I am today.  He has been by my side through some very dark times in life, and He never left me.  You could say I have sinned with the best of them, and I still do.  Its something that I struggle with everyday.  I do pray a lot and try my best to make sure that what I'm doing in my life is what He wants me to do.  I am often times brought to tears thinking about His grace, mercy, and that He has blessed me so much.

I am a wife to my husband Jake Redfearn who means the world to me and is the best partner a girl could ever ask for, I'm lucky God was looking out for me:)  He is part owner of a commercial real estate brokerage in Las Cruces, NM where we live.  We love it here!  I'm a mama to three precious baby boys....Kobe 6, Konner 4 next week, and Kollin almost 16 months.  We also have 3 dogs, and 2 cats...It's a modern day zoo at our house:)  Wrestling is the main sport around here.  Injuries happen most days:)  Our boys are crazy and so fun!!  They are into sports, we are on the go and super busy most of the time. It is a fun and crazy life, I love it.  So I will be sharing funny stories about them for sure:)  I have a huge family on both sides, who we love and always keeps it entertaining:)  Jakes family is smaller, so he had to get used to the madness. We are truly lucky to have so much support and love! 

I love fitness and health.  I truly want to help as many people as I can feel their best, especially moms.  I want other moms to know that just because they have kids, they can still focus on themselves and achieve their health and fitness goals.  I don't mean that all moms need to be a size 2, we are not all built the same, what I do mean is taking 30 minutes a day to workout and have that time for yourself, everyone needs that.  I know how it feels to not be comfortable in your own skin, and its pretty miserable.  I went through a depression phase in my life, and it was horrible.  I refuse to ever go back there again. Now that I have a family I know that I have to be the best me I can be. Fitness is a healthy way to relieve stress and get those happy endorphins going.  I also try to keep the food in our house healthy and cook healthy meals....that doesn't mean that we don't ever eat pizza, or have dessert....we practice moderation, and I hope that my kids take that with them in life!  I became a Beachbody coach a little over a year ago and I run online health and fitness challenges.  I love it.  I have been able to see so many people I love change their lives and to have a small part in that is so rewarding.  I have an amazing team of women helping other women and we all work together with a common goal.  I feel like I have found my God given purpose and the fact that I can stay home with my babies and work from's just incredible and reminds me daily that God does give us the desires of our hearts.  I also LOVE fashion.  From workout gear to it all!  I think that part of being confident is feeling attractive in what you are wearing, that being said you can find me in yoga pants most days:)  I love dressing up for my husband and I love putting together outfits that have a little risk factor.  I like looking different and having my own style, so I will be sharing tips, outfits I love, and any inspiration that comes my way:) I will be posting 3 times a week more or less about Faith, Family, Fitness, Food, and Fashion, I want to  have fun with this, share some great stuff, and hopefully make you laugh a little.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Clean Crockpot Roast

Hey guys!  Welcome to my blog!  I am going to document a lot of different stuff through this blog, including clean eating recipes!  I will be in the process of getting this up and going and looking good, and adding lots of helpful content, but I wanted to get my first post out!  SO I decided to start with a simple, delicious, dinner recipe!  I had a roast that I needed to cook so I googled several recipes and combined what I like and then added some extras:)  Here's what I used:

Clean Crockpot Roast

-1 2-3 lb Roast
-1 Onion
-1 bag of carrots
-6-8 red potatoes
-3 stalks celery
-salt and pepper to taste
-garlic powder
-red wine
-worchestire sauce

I cut the onion into wedges and put on the bottom of the pot, then the roast flavored with salt and pepper.  I added the rest of the veggies, more salt, pepper, and garlic powder(I don't really use measurements, just go with my gut:)).  Then pour red wine, I would say about a cup, and worchestire(I did maybe 2 Tbs).  I turned on High for 6 hours, you can do low for 8-10.  My crockpot is a go to for me, we have sports and so many things going on that the easier dinner is the better, and I know that we are eating healthy and not grabbing crappy fast food:)  Hope you enjoy, don't be afraid to add or take away and experiment!  Thanks for stopping by!