Sunday, February 22, 2015

My favorite online boutique, and a yummy recipe(took 30 minutes total, kid and hubby approved)!!

Hey there!  Hope you all had a great weekend, we had Konners birthday party with some friends from his school.  He had a blast and it was so fun.  Needless to say I indulged on pizza and ice cream cake...ugh, I feel like I need a major detox!!  I will be drinking some detox water tomorrow(water, mint leaves, lemon, and refreshing) and getting back to my normal clean eating!!  We also start week 4 of our insanity max 30 tomorrow, I am ready to roll!!  My push-ups are so much better than when we started, so that's really exciting to see progress!!  I plan on doing 2 weeks of the 21 day fix extreme after we are done with this program...we go to Cancun April 15th, so I want to be in my best shape for my man:)

Speaking of Cancun, I have been eyeing some beachy clothes from my favorite little online boutique. Riffraff.  Check out their website, they offer new stuff every day, and they also have a great basic collection with piko tops and dresses that I love. :)  Here are some items that I want for our vacay:

This would be a really cute cover up or just a casual dress.

This can be a day look with flats, or a night look with some wedges, love it...ok I bought this one:)

Great cover up, with a maxi dress or shorts, and a sexy night shirt with a skirt or tight black pants!

This is so cute with jeans, or shorts, or a maxi...perfect for a chilly night on the beach.

They have so many cute things, and the price range is great I think.  I have several pieces from them and its great quality.  I love riffraff, you can follow them on instagram...they post all of their new arrivals everyday....which can be dangerous, if you love something you can be sure it will be sold out that buy it if you love it!!

Ok for a few recipes:)  Last Thursday night I had no clue what to cook for dinner, I have been in a go to is always healthy tacos:)  My family is kind of over I had some browned meat and couldn't make my latest I chopped some peppers, and broccoli...I sautéed them with garlic.  I then added a few jars of organic spaghetti sauce....added some spices...and served over whole wheat pasta for the kids and over steamed broccoli for me:)  It was so good, and I got in some great veggies for my family:)

Like I said I have been in a meal planning I posted on FB and asked for help:)  My friend April posted this recipe:

I got a roasted chicken and chopped that up and added to the recipe...this was so delicious!  Everyone loved it!  It was so fast too, and is super healthy!  Hope you enjoy!!

I'll post later this week our meal plan for the week....all recipes from my friend Amy's awesome blog: .....she does super cute posts on fashion, and her recipes are so awesome!!  All paleo menu!!  Thanks for stopping by!!  Have a great week, If you have a goal, a Monday is a great day to start!!

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